Youth Mentoring Program & Larapinta Trek Information Pack

We hope to be able to offer a unique program to support our region’s youth to learn and develop:
   • Leadership skills
   • Community skills; volunteering and community support
   • Pathways for future development in work, education and other pursuits

1. Pre-Larapinta trek: Development of physical and mental strength

• Participating in community events and fundraising opportunities to raise the funds needed for the Larapinta Trek.
• Learning to work in groups and with individuals they normally wouldn’t associate with.
• Learning about the Indigenous communities of Northern Territory and cultural practices
• Mentoring support. The mentors will support the young people to better understand themselves and what triggers their behaviour and emotions, providing self-management strategies.
• Physical treks and activities; bushwalks, fitness sessions and an overnight trip

2. The Larapinta trek: The adventurous journey

• The Larapinta trek trip will be done in conjunction with a second team of young people from Goulburn. Prior to leaving we will already have completed an overnight preliminary trek. It is hoped that the young people will begin to reflect on their own lives and start to think about what it is that they need to change to be able to make a positive influence within their own communities and friendship groups.

3. Post Larapinta

• Reflection and mentoring with the Larapinta group.

The Youth Mentoring Program is aimed at young people from Braidwood Central School who are aged between 14-18 years. We are looking for 10 young people to participate in this program. The program will run for approximately 3 months and will be broken up in to three parts in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the program.

If this program is something that you are interested in, please see the details below.

• Weekly once a week morning mentoring and physical training session
• Fundraising and community events
• Weekend bush walks and treks (3 in total)
• 8-day trip to participate in the Larapinta Trail 6-07-22 for 8 days


The Terry Campese Foundation collects personal information only for a lawful purpose that is directly related to the mentor program functions and activities. For further information please contact Terry on 0457 857 773